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It's been a while since I posted on here but I have kinda gone to another forum which I am loving.... Ahhhh u say not better than us. Lol no it's since quitting smoking I have become a wee bit obsessed with lifting weights and the food behind weight lifting. Don't worry though as I am a long way off looking as ripped as anyone on that website. That said I am nearly moving into month 4 of my quit on 1.5 and have never felt better or fitter, even though i played netball for last 20 years. If you are new to quitting please use this forum it definitely got me through it.

As always a big thank you to all who helped me when the going got tough.

Ps had a chest scan last week as doctor wanted me to have it. Phoned for my results today and all clear. Now I am not sure what the scan was for but believe me it gave me a scare and I know I won't smoke again as far as I can say today. I feel lucky to be getting another chance at health.

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Hey max

Good to hear from u. Yep still going strong and not even thinking about smoking again at the moment. Good thing is my sister in law and mother in law also gave up same time as me and are still also going strong. Lol long way off looking like Jodie marsh stuff to many sweets in the early days and now just trying to trim up again in time for holidays.

Good to see all my inspirational people still on here and going strong. Xx

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