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Starting day 7

Hello everyone...have tried to quit million (not joking) times in last 18 years of my smoking life...only two times I got up to 15 days each and quite day 15 a smoker friend? (different both times) showed up and I smoked :o...this time I am staying at home (quit cold turkey) and avoiding office (where every second person smoke) and not going out too...determined to make it up 21 days ( as I decided) and after that I know life will be day was day 6 for me and it was quite tough ..don't know ....lost my temper twice with kids...but I am hanging on....have read Allen carr..used patches, gum, and lot more methods...but this time I am going with cold turkey....and watching movies at home....(any suggestions for movie titles that one should watch while quitting smoking;)

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Hi, and well done on deciding to quit for good. Not got any good films to suggest but I can tell you a film to avoid at all costs is Revolutionary Road. I watched it last night.. Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio must have smoked a gazillion fags between them... started to get me thinking :eek:


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