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Flippin' zits and a treat

Well day 39 and I'm feeling fine apart from the flippin' zits which have taken over my usually porcelain like skin ;) OH treated me to lunch so I decided to go all out and had an Aberdeen Angus steak sandwich with chunky chips followed by sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream.. who cares about zits, bring 'em on I say - I just LOVE the taste of food :D

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Glad you had a lovely meal!! :D

Try bite cream on your spots, it should take the redness out :)


Sure does taste even better now that smell and taste have returned :D:D

I wondered if it would be like the Dave Allen sketch, but am amazed how much better food tastes!!

Except carrots, I now absolutely hate carrots.


As regards the zits here is a good thread from


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