No Smoking Day
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Day 2

It's tougher in the office and used to my fag breaks. Eating fruit and drinking diet coke instead. Know tonight will be hard. The days aren't too bad, it's the evenings. Slept well last night but some very vivid dreams! Felt great this morning and easily went without my cigarette in the car. Just a dayat a time. Didn't have any booze last night. Wondering if that association will be too strong x

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How are you quitting Michele? You said you had some vivid dreams?

Getting to day 2 is a big step. It gets to the point you look back and go "when did that happen?". I'm just about to hit Day 14 and I feel like I was only smoking it up yesterday. But I feel healthier, I sleep better, I smell better, and I don't know if it's my new "ability to not duck off for a smoke" but I'm actually making more friends than I ever did when I was a smoker... (maybe I stank too much :confused:)

Keep stepping forward, and yeah water is great. Though never thought of the sugarfree lollies Kat (I feel odd typing that... "Kat" tehehehe), mostly I stuck to spearmint sugarfree gum :) Munch, munch, munch!

Oh, and remember to breathe. If you used to go out for a smoke, sometimes it helps to go out and just breathe. If you find that hard, skedaddle back inside! I found that not changing as much of my routine as possible really made me feel like I wasn't losing anything.

Good work on day 2! Bring on 6 months! (wont take long!)


Thanks everyone. Am using champix but started quitting early on day 4 because I just wanted to do it and the time was right. Yes I should bring gum into the office, that would really help. I just keep trying to remind myself that it is a battle with myself, I can choose if I win or not. All tips for things to help when I used to smoke very welcome"


Hi Michele and well done so far. I would keep away from the booze for the time being - it's just an added temptation and I'm not sure it goes too well with Champix but as I rarely drink I don't know that for sure... hang in there, it does get easier :)


Oops read that last post too late. Have had a couple of glasses of wine but don't really want more. Which is odd for me! I now know between 5 and 8pm is my worst time of day! Horrid. Did it though. Day 2 bites the dust! X


Well done Michelle.

I also had some crazy dreams early in my quit, and I am not on champix, just a NRT gum only if it gets really unbearable.

As for the alcohol bit, that was my toughest test, made it with the help of my mates, they don't smoke either, so they are very supportive. But the cravings are very bad while drinking, I had a pack of chips and peanuts with me, that seemed to have helped.


Well done Michelle! I hope you're enjoying Day 3! :D


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