No Smoking Day
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Day 16 and things are changing

So this is the start of day 16 and the very first day I have woken up wanting breakfast. ....WTF!! This has only ever happened to me when I'm pregnant and I know im definitely not :)

It's a very strange feeling but one I hope will not revert back to cigarette craves.

I know I say this EVERY DAY but thank you everyone on here, I have only ever managed about a 2 hour quit before and I know I wouldnt have got this far without your support.

The sun is shining, I hope everyone has a great day x.

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Hey Amanda! Doing great! Glad everything is looking shiny :D

I was the same with the breakfast thing! Now I have changed all my food to healthier stuff (figured I may as well if I am bothering to eat breakky :D).

Feeling awesome. Full. Overfull right now. I had a naughty dinner. But awesome!

Have you noticed any major perks yet?


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