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Hi guys,

Was just googling and decided to stop by and post here before worrying. :)

The only perk I haven't experienced since quitting is better breathing. In fact, I seem to be MORE breathless. I suffered with very mild asthma when I was younger (used inhalers and a peak flow meter) but I sort of grew out of it and didn't really suffer when smoking (don't worry, I have no desire to go back there!). My chest doesn't usually feel tight but I usually have a little cough in the morning and I'm still getting breathless when doing something basic like walking upstairs.

Is there anyone who felt this way at around the two month mark? Should I expect that my body just needs more time to repair itself? Don't want to bother a nurse or gp when it could just simply be the effects of the previous damage caused.

Thanks :D

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You may just be coming down with something hon, there's a lot of spring colds about and a fair bit of bronchitis. Do you suffer with hay fever? My friend does and she's been starting to get a bit short of breath - I think she said it'd be the tree pollen. If in doubt, get it checked out! Always better to be safe than sorry hon :)

No, I don't suffer from hayfever. I would put it down to a bug but I'm as breathless as when I smoked and have been that way for the last 8 weeks, so it seems to be something ongoing. Will keep an eye on it :) Just annoying really, as I was looking forward to my breathing improving! Lol x


Sarah Lou,

Have you noticed feeling fatigued lately as well? Breathlessness is a symptom of anaemia, and it's a common complaint in women in their 30s/40s (not sure how old you are, sorry) but often goes undiagnosed. Low haemoglobin means that your blood isn't carrying as much oxygen to the muscles and organs as it should. Hence the puffing and panting, lethargy and tiredness.

There are other symptoms if it's been going on a while - brittle nails, headaches, hair loss, tinnitus, restless legs, all sorts of things.

Really worth checking out. I was diagnosed with really serious chronic anaemia that had been going on for a couple of years. I'd put the breathlessness down to asthma, and just thought the constant fatigue was due to my busy life and my age. I started taking bucketloads of iron and OH. MY. GOD. My life totally transformed! It was like I'd been wearing dark glasses for two years and someone took them off me... I was like 'ohhhh, so THAT's what normal feels like!'.

Definitely ask your GP for a blood test, just to rule it out.

H x


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