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Day 8 eeekkkk

Evening guys, so tomorrow is day 8 of no smoking, as some of u know I've done

This cold turkey, I had an urge yesterday but held it together. When will I start to feel normal? When does the cravings stop, I've been round people who smoke and have felt fine but half hour later I get a rush come over me. Will it help to exercise more? I'm drinking loads of juice n water.


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Yayyy, Day 8 That's really great hun :)

Exercise is definately a yes, as it releases endorphins and should give you a natural boost. The cravings will become much easier to manage with time and you WILL reach a stage where they don't really affect you anymore (I've been told that they eventually become laughable, they're so easy to brush off). Hang in there! X



Day 8 is bleedin fantastic.

Well done on doing it CT too

You should be so proud of your self




Midwifey42, Max414 and Sarah Lou 1988 thank you for all the support you have given me over the past week, it has really helped. Im so glad i joined this forum. I feel fantastic today and loving the new me even if it has only been 1 week. I was in the shop this morning getting my milk and paper before work and usually buy the dread full 20 pack, i looked at them and was in disgust and thought yay i have saved myself £8.00. The money i would have spent last week i saved and bought a new top.

I hope everyone out there who is thinking of quitting to just do it and power through, yeah it is tough but you can all do it! Have a strong head on you and good support when you need to let of steam.

Thanks to everyone on here, speak soon no doubt.

Have a fantastic day xx


I must confess that's the first cheese related analogy I've heard for craves, but know what you mean:D


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