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the journey

Into month 2 now - 40 days. Thought I was over the worst but in past weeks have had renewed cravings to smoke. Keep looking for that initial hit - you get when you take a puff - and for me it says relax. Miss it and looking for something to replace this other than eating!!

Guess this is what addiction is. However, I think I am past physical cravings, still think about cigarettes but not every minute of the day, don't get in a panic when I don't have cigarettes, don't smell of smoke and don't worry about smelling of smoke.

Was a bit worn down with it all but hung in there and woke up this morning with more positive outlook. Continuing my journey to be a non smoker. Think watching London marathon and all those fantastic people taking part - spurred me on - such fantastic demonstrations of endeavour, determination and pure grit - not smoking today seems rather trivial in comparison!

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Fantastic Trish, I have only done the 2 weeks and every now and then I get over excited and think I am coasting but then one of life's curve balls hits me and I would love a smoke.

Its like you say its "an addiction" and its very much a long term battle. I loved smoking but I think you have to realise its not sustainable and that there a great life and future ahead without it.

Keep up the good work and remember its you effort that spurs people like me coming behind you.

Jay :)


Well done Trish in staying with it

There are going to be times when you still want to smoke thats a natural reaction after all if you have been smoking for X amount of years its been a part of your daily life in time though the thoughts will pass and become less often you just have to remember that each day you stay quit the easier it will become you will still get the odd urge crave/yearn i still do but mine is normally seeing someone smoking on tv and for a brief moment i think ahh ciggy but its only a brief moment its not a real crave anymore

just keep up the good work and hope you have a great day in the sun :)


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