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2 weeks

Cant believe its been 2 weeks since I stubbed out my last B&H, I was having a lazy Sunday watching "weekend at bernies" when I thought I must give these up because I cant breath.

I had 2 left in the box and puffed them back to back, went through my house and car disposing of anything that even reminded me of smoking, went to bed early and haven't looked back.

This forum and its members have been unreal, the support from you guys has been invaluable.

Thank you all so much and I will be seeing you in the next category "week 3" :)

Everybody have a great day and keep up the good work.

Jay :)

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Way to go Jay :D

thats a great positive post and getting to two weeks is brilliant

wont be long before your posting in the first month

hope your having a lovely day in the sunshine hun :)


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