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stick at it

Keep with it, CRAVINGS they will pass and they will get weaker but the more you think about it the harder its going to become. The way I dealt with it was, when the crave hit me (those nasty big ones) i took the BIGGIEST breath of fresh air through my nose, filled my lungs to the top and then exhaled it out of my mouth and then I would have the BIGGIEST smile on my face. The reason I had a smile was because I new that was all it would take to beat that dirty little Nico man and every time he appeared he was getting weaker and weaker and I was getting stronger and stronger and HEALTHIER, and believe me my smile was lasting longer and longer every time he appeared.

It worked for me but its so simple it just reminds you (at that time when the nico man thinks your weak) why you are going through this and believe me im 0n 110 days of my quit and the craves I get now are LAUGHABLE.

Here is my way of explaining to you all how weak that nico man gets and I bet you all of those who are 100 days into their quit will agree..............

When we first start our journey to a new life its so unfair at the start because we have such a long way to go and why is it that that nico man is driving a nice new Ferrari but we have been lumbered with an ASS (donkey)

But as the journey continues that silly cocky nico man starts to slow down but then if by magic the ASS turns into a race horse (but we didn't notice) then a short while after that we have a Mini (again we didn't notice) but unknown to us that cocky nico man has put his Ferrari around a lamp post (being cocky) so now hes on foot patrol and then all of a sudden (by this time we do notice and that's when you realise you've beet him) we go flying past him in our brand new gleaming Bentley or if you prefer a Rolls. So now the race is equal the way it should be and that little cocky nico man will never catch you because guess what? you have beet him all fair and square.

All im trying to say is YES at the start its difficult but believe me it gets so much easier. This is from my heart and the truth, I love being smoke free and my cravings are none existed (put it this way they might as well be because that's how weak they are) so please please just keep trying and join us all in a nice new smoke free, habit free, healthier and longer life


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hey there

also it gets easier because we learn how to deal with the cravings easier its our perception that changes so when the cravings hit we know exactly how to deal with them and therefore they cant impact us anymore we are now stronger as the blinders have been removed and even if you were to cop a huge crave (and thats an if) we will find a way to cope with it until its gone and they all go in the end but we are still standing

remember no one dies from quitting

my 2 cents worth cheers and nice post to OP



One year, four months, two days, 30 minutes and 36 seconds. 29341 cigarettes not smoked, saving $16,724.51. Life saved: 14 weeks, 3 days, 21 hours, 5 minutes.



cheers Gra yours too was a great post :D:D:D:D



Cheers Max I knew what I wanted to say, but to put it in writing was so so difficult.....................But hey I know what I mean or ment :D:D:D :D


Here Here :):):)


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