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Day 12 got better

Hi all

Just want to let you know that after my miserable post this morning, it's not been such a bad day after all. Lunch with big sis and my niece was lovely. Got to have a really lovely chat and didn't have to go outside in the rain for a smoke after :D

However, I did put a coat on that I haven't worn for a while and although my sister and niece didn't notice, it stunk to me of stale cigarettes..........................YUK!

Not hungry again this eve so I might have some cheese and crackers later then an early night so that nothing can ruin my day lol

Hope you have all had a good day too

Amanda x

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Glad to hear you had a good day :D

Ive done that myself with a leather bag not used it for a while then was carrying the smell of stale smoke around with me, was not nice at all, but gave me more incentive.


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