I move to the next room - the 1 month room

ok so I am on my 22nd smoke free day. my quitometer is telling me:-

I have not smoked 427 (!!!!) of those horrible cancer smelly sticks

I have saved £163...anyone know where it is???

I have increased my life by 4 days and 3 hours (already...amazing:D)

Also worked out, a cigarette takes about 7 minutes to smoke, I smoked superkings, so that is 50 hours of time that I have not given up to smoking OVER TWO DAYS!!:eek:

( I checked that twice as it seemed so excessive for just 3 weeks, but the calculater ain't lying!!!)

THANK YOU everyone, would mention you all by name but would be worried I'd miss someone out! hugs and kisses to all!!:D:D

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  • :D

    hey what a great post to be reading

    you will def help the newbies that are just setting out on this path to freedom

    you should try and put the money you would have spent into a jar or open another account so you are able to save up and treat yourself

    its amazing how much you will save and just remember how many times did you go to buy ciggies and also picked up a choccy bar paper magazine drink lottery ticket etc so if you add that into the money you have saved its alot more

    scary or what :eek:

    well done again hun :)

  • ahh thanks Carol, to be honest, I will probably notice that at the end of the month my overdraft is not wuite as big;)

  • Yey well done!

    I'm looking for my saved money too... perhaps the chocolate fund gobbled it up!! :D

    Welcome to Month 1 :)

  • Trea

    love reading your posts,so upbeat and positive and encouraging to others what an asset you are here :D

    You are smashing this! It's brilliant to see :D

    Is it true or is it true-Quitting,the gift that keeps giving

    Thank you so much Maximus, my posts sometimes seem a bit opposite as it does depend on who it is as to good cop/ bad cop routine but I hope I never upset anyone, sure they will tell me if I do

    Yey well done!

    I'm looking for my saved money too... perhaps the chocolate fund gobbled it up!! :D

    Welcome to Month 1 :)

    Thanks Madders

    Im in this for the long term. have stopped using the patches and feel ok about it all, to say more would mean that I am thinking about it and analysing it which would not be true. Should I say I feel confident about this final quit.


    Thank you so much for sharing:D

  • Hi Tin Ribs,

    how long have you quit for? Was it on the champix if I recall? How is it going for you?

  • Well done! I wish I was so positive about this... You go girl!

  • you will be Liquid, I have just replied to your thread x

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