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Day 8: ULCERS!


I have 5.... Yes 5, mouth ulcers!

Uh! I'm mad- I have no intention of smoking but they just hurt!

Went to the chemist who said they have been brought on my all the toxins leaving my body- so in a way it's nice to see how disgusting smoking is and what it does to your body, even when it's trying to repair itself. It gives me more of a kick to stay off them- but ow!

I'm gargling salt at the moment, and using loads of ulcer creams!

Anyone else had them?


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Oh heck Laura, yes I got them!!

I used to suffer with them anyway when I smoked, was slightly anaemic (maybe that was down to smoking?) which caused them.

But when I quit I had a mouth full - didn't help that using NRT gum I kept biting my flipping tongue :/

Bonjela is very good for them and you can get ones like it with an anasthetic in them :)

They didn't last long though, and since quitting I've not had many!! xx


Hi LauraJayne,

5!!! Now that's just greedy.

I've been off the ciggies for 10 days now and I don't have ulcers, which sounds very uncomfortable by the way. But I do have an horrendous tootheache which is driving me insane. I too wondered if this could be a symtom of withdrawal. Wanna swap?

Hang in there :)


Haha! Yes let's swap. That made me laugh out loud!

Having trouble speaking but I'm hoping they will go.

But rubbish really, but hey- if the crap is coming out then that's gotta be good. Just wanna eat chocolate and it hurts! Boooo!!

Thanks for your replys, I'm hoping five is max!!



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