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I move in to day 28 a non smoker

Hi all ,and thank you for the support,feel quite good to have reached this stage,I was on champix ,but cut them in half after the second week ,and managed fine,Decided to stop stop taking them altogether 4 days ago ,whilst most people would tell you not to do this,I felt ready ,so I went for it struggled a little bit for 3 days but I'm now fine,can't be any different than going cold turkey,but I don't like taking tablets ,and was scared in case I got addicted to them,things now taste a lot better ,and I'm feeling confident as well,those that know me on here are aware of the radiotherapy I have had,for plasma cell myeloma ,treatable but not cureable ,decided to stop smoking ,30 a day for 42 ish years, and are now reaping the benefits ,more money,fresh breath,better taste ,they do say I can live for between 1-10'years,and I'm aiming for 10+ years,I'm a young 57. Soon to be 58. But feel 21 , I wish, anyway thanks for all the support :) I feel that champix really helped me to start with ,but with most habits it's all in the head,if you are determined you can beat any thing and that is exactly what I am,smoking nearly beaten now let's have this cancer,onward and upwards

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you go for it Alan!!! 28 Days, you know what, I have this gutty feeling that you will kick the hell out of that cancer too.

*raises a glass to toast your is only ginger beer:D*


Thank you trea ,actually I like ginger beer


So pleased you are doing well Alan, you are so determined to quit I just know that you will be successful and I am following your story it is so heart warming!


Hi kat, I have to have a blood test evrey 6-8 weeks ,and then I am not sure could be steroids ,chemo ,stem cells, could be all three,finished radiopherpy ,last week,it was done to shrink a tumer ,in my shoulder,aches like hell now but they said it would,no pain no gain I suppose,only found out about this November 12 ,then after loads of scans ,biopsys ,tests they came out with this myeloma ,only live like 500 yds from the hospital ,so that's handy,trouble is at the moment I've to much time on my hands,putting a bit of weight on,but not to worried about that,I am self employed so not getting a lot of money ,that's why I decided to stop smoking,that about sums it up,:)


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