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Day 3 - sweet

Hey guys! Couldn't get on yesterday (stupid firewall at work will let me read but not post ffs lol). Anyway, glad to report that day 2 was a success. Had some really bad cravings yesterday morning but once I got through that the day was grand. The patch and spray combo worked great. No cravings this morning and I don't have a patch on yet because I couldn't get it open. I'm having one of those days but at least it's one of those days without smoking lol

(As an aside, I had a singing lesson last night and although a bit croaky I'm edging back towards my normal range yay!)

How's everyone else doing? Hope all is good and new quitters like myself are doing well.

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hi mark, good work so far buddy!

re singing do you find after a period of smoking or non smoking that your ability changes at all?

only ask as I sound alot better in the shower a couple of months smoke free :D that could just be my brain telling me lies and I still sound like a stringless violin being beaten into a bag of mad cats.

Tef, Kat could hear you from Cornwall and I could hear you from Gatwick...sorry but you do still sound like a stringless violin mixed with a bag of very unhappy mad cats;)


LOL Trea xD (I think I'm starting to figure out who the resident comedian is...)

"I'm having one of those days"

I think you have a lot of them in general when you quit.

I'm starting to wish a day would just "go my way", pretty sure that wont happen anytime soon.

But! We fight through it! Alone, together, with Trea around it will never get boring, with tea and chocolate, warm beds and big doonas!


A lot of singers will sing from the lungs, diaphragm and throat so smoking seriously hinders the ability to sing. And don't worry about sounding like a violin, any instrument can be tuned lol


Pleased it is going well for you Mark. You have such good reasons to quit and singing is a massive one. You want to be at your best! Well done so far!:)


Hi Mark

great to see you back and posting :)

hope your keeping well hun

hugs xx


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