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Quick update


Afternoon Gang!

Just a quick update, quit date 12th Feb so 2 whole months were complete last week! Now I'm into Month 3... Boom!

I don't get any cravings now, but don't get me wrong I do still think about smoking, but that doesn't mean I want to smoke. Its very hard to explain, It is more of a memory, like a deja vu moment. I will be happily going about doing whatever I'm doing and suddenly my brain will say "I used to smoke whilst I was doing this". Its just enough to get me thinking about the bad habit, but I repeat, this doesn't make me want to smoke, I just kinda laugh it off. That's about as bad as it gets.

I was walking along the sea front, throwing stones into the sea, just finished a nice freshly cooked bag of fish and chips and suddenly my brain kicks in and thinks I used to smoke right about now. I can easily push the thought out of my brain and it is not a want or a crave, its just a thought, a distant memory.

On the other hand, just as often that I have the thoughts of when I used to smoke, I will have the sudden realisation that I haven't thought about smoking!

The fact is that I had smoked for half of my life, so it stands to reason that it is going to take a lot longer than a couple of months to be free of all thoughts of it. But every day helps, every day I learn to forget about smoking a little bit more and learn how to live life as a non-smoker.

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Well done Craig, I am sooooo pleased you have quit at your age because you will definitely benefit physically. Your body will be like that of a non smoker soon and THAT is priceless! Keep it going and be proud of yourself too!:)

Hi Vicki! I don't post so often but I do have a quick look every now and then to see how everyone is getting on, I'm so glad that you have stayed strong and stayed quit, you are doing brilliant :-)

Haze - I really do hope that in some years to come my body will be like that of a non smoker. i just wish i had stopped earlier. I am doing everything i can to try to speed up the "Healing" process - Jogging, Exercising & eating Healthy. I just can't believe how stupid I was to smoke for so long. But I'm glad I finally opened my eyes to the damage i was doing, the penny has dropped and there is no going back.

Max - I love being able to dismiss the thoughts, they try to get a grip on you for just a few seconds but I just quickly change the subject in my head. Yes thats exactly what its like - the gradual fading away. You are so good at describing thoughts and feelings.

Thank you all so much for your help, support and encouragement.

Excellent Graig glad to see your doing so well and your right , it is easy to brush thoughts aside now but you still have to be on the look out as those wee mites keep attacking the brain, keep up the good work m8 and good luck :)

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