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9 weeks completed


9 weeks down and lots more to go but !!!! it does get easier im glad to say , some days ( not a whole day but parts of it) are hard, just a matter of keeping busy and thinking other things, sucking on Extra blue mints ( the one the chewing gum people make) atm and they taste great and take my mind of cigs altho i can go thru 2 packs a day but hey its better than smoking and it says on pack that its gentle to teeth if you can believe that :rolleyes: So far it been pretty easy and i canna forsee it getting any more difficult than it already is, mouth feels a LOT cleaner and fresher, breathing is way better, taste is getting there too altho my tea dont taste as sweet with one suger in it as it was before... weird , had i been working id have saved a small fortune but with the recession and stuff oh well ........... health is better than money, hope your all stickin in there :)

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I love reading about the success of others:D It makes me feel so positive about my quit.

Well done, you will be at the 3 month mark before you even know it:):)

Congrats Squinter, its great to see you still doing so well!! You seem to have it under control, keep it up :)

Well done Squinter :) It's great to see such a positive post!

Well done squinter! You are ona roll now, keep it going!:)

Ty Peeps :)

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