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day 18 - its getting easier!

Hey everyone,

hope everyone is doing ok. Had a hard day 15, 16 just kept thinking about ciggys all the time and the thought 'im a smoker for life so why suffer any longer' came to mind, but i ignored it and told myself that i would atleast do another week and see how i feel lol this always helps! and low and behold i think i only had one crave today?? i cant even remember:)

Allen carr says that after 3 weeks the nicotine monstr in your belly dies and i am beginning to see what as i head towards day 21! ive got 5 weeks till a holiday in majorca where you can smoke everywhere! so im hoping ill have aloy of control by then over myself and the fags.

can any cold turkey quitter confirm allen carrs 3 week rule? xx

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I can confirm :D Im on 21 day,yes its only going easier...hardest day was 16 too !..Good Job


Hi Nikki

Hadn't actually realised-just knew it was-, but day 15 was hell for me too, kept thinking of having one- but didnt:D I am a day behind you Nikki (well, do i say the day I last smoked or the first day nicotine free?1st free day was 28th so i am on day 17? very confused as when i count it is 17 but quit app on my phone says 16:confused::confused:)

Anyway, we are all doing well and it does get easier doesnt it, the cravings are still there but not quite as strong. apparently this coming week it the tester so to be on guard!


Craig, tic tacs- good tip! Will send OH out to get me some :D


Hey thanks.for sharing.your experiences! 21 its midnighy and.funnily enough.i managed to.resist having one.despite.being furious earlier over a certain.situation. But in.bed and made it through :)


Day 20 OMG

OMG today has been unreal! I have literally been idolising fags now for 24 hours! I even spent 30 mins sucking on a unlit fag with a lighter in my hand lol but everytime i went to spark it i just couldnt do it. I dont know why i couldnt do it either, weird as it would of been so easy.

But i dont understand why i couldnt spark up yet 4 hours later i am still thinking about it!! im hoping this is another one of those bad patches as it will be 3 weeks tomorrow and that lttle monster is really stamping its feet now. :mad:


I am sure your right! thats the good thing about this site is that someone has always been there, got the tshirt and lived to tell the tale!

The good thing about having a smoker in the house is that i just sniffed a chipped out fag in the ashtray (as i knew this would be revolting) and it was!! :D I have saved £100 as well.

apart from a few little craves, im not missing a thing am i??


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