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What would you say

Right, I am very unsure how this will go down but, here goes ....

On Saturdays, amongst other things, I take my disabled (caused by smoking) Dad out to the pub. This involves, since my mum died, using a taxi. We always use the same firm, as you do, and today we got a new driver. Anyway, on the way he happened to mention to my Dad that he smoked and wished he didn't, he said he was currently cutting down. My Dad said "You should do what my daughter did, just stop and suffer", I piped up and said, because I was a little embarrassed, "I stopped and other people suffered".

I followed that up with no one stops until they really want to.

My questions is, what would you guys have said given 5 minutes with a person who was ambiguous about wanting to quit but you got the impression that deep down they wanted to.....

Over to you guys :D

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I would just have told him your story, ie how long you smoked for, when you stopped, how you feel now, in a brief nutshell. Nothing inspires like success.

Show him it can be done, put the idea in his mind. You can't do a lot else unless he takes the plunge..........I always mention this forum because of the good it's done me.


That would have been the way I went if I'd been on my own with him. My dad is a little unsympathetic to quitters because he quit after 40+ years of smoking and losing his leg and becoming disabled.

I would normally say that it isn't nearly as difficult as you expect it to be and that the forum makes it that way. I just wondered if anyone else had a better way of putting it :)


Well first off I'd tell them it's not as bad as it seems - have been on the other end of it quite often and it feels a bit scary to think about quitting, even when you beat yourself up about smoking pretty regularly.

Then I'd tell them how i did it, and how it doesn't have to be that bad with the right support and NRT. Would also recommend reading Allen Carr and joining here, when they felt the time was right to stop.


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