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Day 6


7th April was my quit day. I'm a 31 year old, 30 roll up a day smoker. Been smoking since I was 15 and have tried to quit multiple times, patches, gum, cold turkey, 4 days was always my limit before I would cheat. With one exception, In 2010 i quit with the help of Nicorette minis.. But I got addicted to them, I was hooked to 4mg mints for 12 months. NOT GOOD FOR YOUR MOUTH! unfortunately, I started smoking again after my wife and I bought and moved into our first home...

So now I'm on day 6 , cold turkey, a milestone that I have never done in 16 years, I feel really proud, but its not been easy. I have stopped because of my health, I felt like I was half alive, everything I did was based around my next fag, as I said I smoke roll ups - I would roll a fag smoke it and not even realise that I've smoked. Autopilot.

I started running 6 days ago. My lungs are a mess, my heart was not doing to well, my blood pressure was through the roof, I only run 15 minutes a day, in 6 days a lot has changed, my blood pressure is a lot better, my lungs are able to absorb oxygen during my run, my chest is no longer in pain.

Cravings are still there but I'm getting into a good routine and finding that I have time and energy to do all the tasks that have been on hold for weeks and months, because I was always too "busy".

Breathing deeply helps a lot, eating helps too(I'm looking forward to putting on weight..I need it) Water is amazing,it helps in a weird way!

I just hope I have the strength to pull this off.. I don't want to smoke, I'm tired of being a smoker.

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Welcome to the forum Granularit.

I think when you get bone weary tired of being a smoker, you have a very good chance for a permanent quit. I'm just over it and I have only had one "hard spot" so far. Though I'm using champix because I'm a raving psycho cold turkey.

It's good that you're seeing benefits straight away too. It helps to show you that already your body is getting strong and repairing and you're doing it in such a positive way.

I must admit I felt like a rollie when I read your post. Mostly because I like the feeling of making one. Hated smoking them. I would just roll and roll. For friends and my partner. Occassionally for myself. The smoke nearly killed me.

Not literally but sort of as well. It was just so thick and choking!

I got sick every winter (I live in a wet zone), and kept getting acute bronchitis. I ended up going to the doctors finally and found out I had progressed through to pneumonia. I kept myself out of hospital, much to my doctors disgust, and began using a steroid inhaler every winter, in summer in the pool, and with my cigarettes (when I needed it).

Sadly I have scarring on my lungs now and adult on-set asthma (which I didn't even know was a thing). Despite this I'm proud to say that even as a smoker my lungs were still able to push more air than most non-smokers!

But still, it feels good to repair that damage, or do the very best that we can. I am walking more every week, usually every second day, and only that little because my uni coursework is very hectic at the moment. Once I stop putting bad foods in my mouth I'll be on my way to much healthier times! Already feel better than ever though!

I think you're doing amazingly and I really think you'll do well. I look forward to your next update :)

Many hugs and congratulations on hitting Day 6 :D

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