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Okay so far

Day 2 going well so far. Had to stop after 45 years of smoking 20 pd. Kept hearing a squeaky noise and then realised it was me wheezing. My legs hurt in bed and I'm convinced it's circulation. Also had an horrendous cough. Reckon I've come to end of the (smoking) road now. I'm using Champix and I'm amazed how much it's helping. I've tried everything in the past, including Zyban, which sent me crazy. It IS scary but I really feel I can do it this time. Plus, I can't afford it. I've always found the money to smoke somehow. My smoking adviser gave me a good analogy and asked how I would feel if I was in a relationship with cigs. I said I would feel abused and if I was just being taken for a ride. Keep thinking of that and it helps. She asked, "Do you think it would be okay to keep that relationship going, just now and again, or to have a clean break?" You know the rest. But it did really help because my 23 year old daughter is in a destructive relationship, which has lasted 7 years. I despair of her! But it put things in perspective for me too. Want to learn to HATE cigarettes and I'm sure that will come. Good luck everybody. We're stronger than we think

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Welcome Janet, as I always say, this forum's got me this far; my breathing was a large part of why I wanted to quit. You'll find that it clears up quite quickly. Mine did anyway.

As for hating cigarettes, I never have. I just don't think about them much. It's more of an "ignoring" of fags. I like that better :)


Welcome Janet!

I agree with the Allen Carr book, even if you're doing well on your quit, it helps solidify it when you need it to. Without Champix and no smokes I'm a raging lunatic, with just the book I went a day and a half without cigs and was fine. Champix is a better option for an ongoing quit for me though.

There are some weird side effects of the champix and of quitting in general. Like your wheeze for example, I'm getting that now (I'm on day 4) and the last time I gave up (for 6 months), I started wheezing on day 4 and then for the next week was coughing up black ickiness which tasted very bad. For some the tar is cleaned out much later. It changes between each person.

I think there's lots of surprises, like being able to smell properly again, which can suck, but remember when all you can smell is monoxide or pollution, think of what you will be able to smell in reverse - the spring flowers, the fresh cut grass, the smell of rain in the trees etc ;) Equate the bad effects with the good effects and then absolutely everything becomes positive :D

Again, welcome to the forum!


Thanks everyone. I have read Alan Carr and was waiting for the secret which I discovered was simply have the "click" in your brain that switches off the need for cigarettes. Was a few years ago that I read it but I still remember the story of the guy going out on the yacht and having to go back to shore for his ciggies. I identify with that so much. Really enjoyed my Hunter's chicken. Want a cream bun now but thankfully I haven't got any!;)


Hey Janetpike, been a smoker here for 36 years, aye 9 less than you but i doubt that make a diff, anyone who has ever smoked and been addicted (which is everyone) are in the same boat, im glad your on day 2 after 45 years, be proud of yourself... its dam hard to do and not many can do it so think yourself special :) Believe me the "squeaky noise" will disappear after a week or 2 and you will feel great, every day is a battle but if your strong you will get thru it, it will get easier and easier as i and many others on this forum are proof , think positive, think of the benefits, think of your family and think of yourself and how much better you will feel :)


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