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Day 6

Hi there, My name is Jay this is the first post I have made since I quit 6 days ago. I have found the forums on this site an amazing source of strength over the past week so thank you all. :)

I am 31 and have been a heavy smoker for 15 years now, I have attempted to quit multiple times using every NRT/programme imaginable but never seem to get past a month.

I am using e-cigs, willpower, experiences of previous attempts and this "fantastic" online community to get me through.

I wish you all a great non smoking day and we are all in this together guys :) "punch walls and scream if that's what it takes" lol :) Jay

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Thanks Max I appreciate that, yes had last Sunday picked out as my quit date for a while now. Choose a date a random few weeks back so I have had plenty of time to mentally prepare which as you know is 99.9% of the battle.

Dipping into reasons why previous attempts failed, to help me with my battle plan for this "FINAL SUCCESSFUL" attempt and for me alcohol must be avoided at all costs for the foreseeable.

Hitting the gym quite hard at the moment also which is keeping me focused as well as helping me sleep.

It really is a horrible dependency and I wish I never had started but hey lets "kick it in the up the backside" and move onto a happier and more importantly healthier future.

Good luck and thanks again for the warm welcome. Jay


Welcome Jay, this forum's got me to ten months without a smoke so it's worked for me.

Depending on what helps you, some members offer an arm round the shoulder, a few others do a decent kick up the bum; I've benefitted from both during my quit.

Well done on six days, great start!



Cheers AB congratulations on 10 months, inspiring to hear guys like yourself are rockin the quit.:cool:


welcome to the forum JayJay! I really do believe that if you participate enough on this forum you will have a successful quit. I went 6 months, which was great but I stopped posting early on, and I think if I stick around this time I'll do much better. The support here is fantastic and everyone is very friendly :)

If you get a craving you think you can't handle, get one here and just type, tell us about your day. You'll get engrossed in it and then the craving will be gone before you know it :)


Thanks TALIEN yeah I have a feeling I may be already hooked :) been looking up the frums all week to help me deal, only got the chance to register earlier today. Cheers Jay


Welcome JJ and well done deciding to quit.... You've done almost a full week already :) I too am on my final and successful quit :D



You already have done a week, congrats :)


Thanks Isole, look at you starin down a month. Superb keep it up :p


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