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Tough few days

Hi, well I have finally reached the 1 month marker. I have to say, it's not been too bad really. I'm really busy at work and I have also been keeping up with my 5x50 challenge (5k for 50days). So feeling much fitter and healthier. Having said all of that, this week has been particularly challenging! I had a particularly stressful day on Wednesday and actually rolled a cig and lit it. What a pratt!! I had a couple of puffs and threw it away. Did I enjoy it? NO...Did it make me feel better? NO.....Did it solve the problem?....NO.....Will I do it again? NO NO NO!!!!!!! The whole of the next day I was gagging for another but I won`t give in again. What an evil weed you are....

I hope all of you are doing well. Thanks for listening. :)xx

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Hi timetolive.

That's great to reach a month, and such a lesson you have learned this week- smoking does not help you when you are stressed. It just piles on the agony especially if you are trying to quit cos you then beat yourself up for slipping. We so condition ourselves to link the "reward" of a cigarette to stress, completing a job, but I bet you don't do it again!

Those cravings will die down, though they are pretty horrible to deal with when they come along with such intensity in the early days. They will die down as you get into your new routines that don't involve cigarettes. xx


Excellent lesson well learned Timetolive :)

And, congratulations on reaching the month. Onwards and upwards and don't ever look back, unless it's to realise that smoking does absolutely nothing for you :)

Molly x


Congrats on reaching a month and well done for making sure your blip stayed just that :)


Thanks for the support guys....

Feeling much better the past few days. I think maybe that 'blip' was all part of the process. On the plus side I have definitely noticed that my breathing has improved when I run. I`m on day 18 of the 5x50 challenge (5k every day for 50 days) and feeling good!!!! :)



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