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Feeling great!!

Into my 9th smoke free week and i feel superb , no symptoms what so ever cept i have to constantly clear my chest (NOT coughing ) for past few weeks but this could be a sign off the cleaning out process ???? anyone else had to do this????? Anyhow breathing is much better, i can feel the diff when cycling, done a 27 mile cycle yesterday and a 23 mile the day before (14 mile any other night) so i hope by doing that i'll be keeping the weight down as i have nt stopped eating, talkin of food....... taste just keeps getting better and better and as for smell.......... im smelling things i have nt smelt since i was a kid, so all in all every thing is looking good, best thing i ever did was to quit smoking :)

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Ooh that's brilliant Squinter!!

Glad you're enjoying being a non smoker and it must be heaps easier riding your bike now!!

About the coughing, am thinking i got most of my tar out in one go 'cos I could hardly breath for coughing a few weeks after I quit but it *is* different for everyone, and coughing or no it will be clearing out :)

Ooh and Kat, I can't ride a bike either :eek:


Keep up the good work Squinters!

9 weeks - that's brill! Well done Squinters! Into week 6 or 7 now and have developed a wonderful cough and clearing out some good uns!


Aye Kat have nt coughed here yet either but as said clearing chest with like a half cough and a ahmmm then swallowing if ya know what i mean, must be "my" bodies way of clearing all the gunk, Yes gemma its a hell of a lot easier riding my bike now, more power to my legs because my lungs are stronger making it easy to breathe :) sry teflon i have nt seen any of that stuff but then im prolly swallowing it which is pretty yuk too but then i dont have to see it ^^ and LOL there Max :D but as you say im sure anyones body would be utterly delighted if we/they all stopped abusing ourselves, TY missym week 6 or 7 is to be commended your doing great so keep it up even tho you got that cough, it does mean your curing yourself and i hope every ones quits are going strong, we dont need a smoke!!! we need clean fresh air !!!!


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