No Smoking Day
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Made Day 5

Well I have made it to day 5. There were times yesterday when I was not sure I would.

By far my worst day, but feeling loads better now.

Going to look at the NHS Couch to 5K thing today. Just look (well listen) for now but you never know I might get round to it, been told its really good.

Need to get all the sweets I ate yesterday off my waist somehow.

How is everybody else especially Tic, I feel we are really in this together.

Here's to a good day for all


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Morning Chris (and Tic who I am sure will come to this post)

WOW 5 days feels great doesnt it.:D Just think, 2 more 'sleeps' and it will be a whole week ( that is meant to be encouragement even if it sound sarky-scratches head, how to get it to sound right?? you know what i mean)

I found that one week mark was the right thats it ive come this far i'm def not going back!

is the NHS a run/walk for charity? That would def remove any sweetie inches ;)

Congratulations and keep going, you'll be in the next room soon enough!


Morning everybody!

Im good thanks! Day 5 is impressive don't ya think!

Its weird cos i was talking to my family last night about doing the race for life next year! Im determined to be healthier and spend more time outdoors. Lets face it the only fresh air i used to get was when i went out for a smoke!

Feeling very tired but smug today!

And yes im with you Chris every step of the way!



Couch to 5K is on the NHS Choices Web Site it is a 9 week running/walking plan.

You download it as MP3 to take out with you. I know a few people who have done it they say it is good for Lazy people like me.

Well sleeping better not dreaming or waking in the night just having very short nights. Trea the idea two more full sleeps sound great just now.

But all in all feel much better in my head today.



Glad you got here in one piece Tic.

Do you know I'm starting to feel quite smug as well, but trying not to get too excited.



'Big up' that feeling of smug Chris :D being proud of yourself is I think an important aspect of succeeding,after all you are winning where most people fail.So be smug!

totally keep that smug feeling, escpecially when someone asks ' Still off the ciggies?' expecting you to say you caved in, the look on their face when you say 'not even a puff!' PRICELESS!! especially if they are a smoker as all they want is for you to fail because, deep down they want to be where you are but are scared of the quit. Sad hey...


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