No Smoking Day
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Day Six!

Man, I cant believe I've made it six days cold turkey.

However I am really struggling with cravings the last few days. I know it's because of the fact that I am doing finals right now for the class I am in, and also because of family problems. They are making me stress out so bad, and it makes me want to smoke like all the ciggs in the world lol

I almost broke down and bought some last night but luckily and thankfully my husband was there to stop me. What do you guys do when you are craving really bad?

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all of what smile said, try deeling the apple in one long strip too, Have a glass of water, could be you are thirsty where your body is getting rid of the toxins.

you are very lucky to have a supportive husband so use himas a crutch when you need to.

remember too that the finals and the family problems would still be there to deal with if you were smoking.

keep strong and you will reach the end of a whole week smoke free:):)


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