No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Well I woke up OK today and quite cheerful for 6:30am especially as I could not get back to sleep.

But now I am have terrible cravings they seem to be one after the other and will not go away, this is the worst it has been so far.

Went to shop and bought loads of sweets figure that is better than Tobacco. Have just eaten 3 tubes of smarties without even thinking about it.

The strange thing is I know this is in my head and not physical but am unable to control it. Wonder if this is why I dreamt I bought some last night?

Best go for yet another walk the fresh air will do me good. Need to walk for a week to walk off all those smarties.


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Stride it out and with each stomp you'll chip away at those cravings!


try boiled sweets that you have to suck, they will give your mouth more to do, or a lollipop. keep at it though, you are doing sooo well x


I use sugar free chewy gum. Its cheap and it don't make you fat. :D


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