No Smoking Day
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Start of a better cleaner FREE ME!

Sat down and thought long and hard and I think it is time to say goodbye to what I though was an "OLD" friend!

It has come to light that it has never been my friend BUT my enemy it has dragged me down and kept me prisoner!!

I have decided I am tired of being held ransom to my addiction:

Having to plan outings with the family where I can smoke

Not being able to enjoy meals or a movie without having to "pop" out for a smoke

"Boosting" my nicotine levels in the smoking lounge before boarding a flight

Smoking rite before bed

Waking up in the middle of the night and going for a smoke

Smoking first thing in the morning before coffee or brushing my teeth

Being out of breath when I walk

Smelling like an ashtray

Yellow teath

Driving to the Garage to get smoke at the crack off dawn

Soooo here goes as of 6:00 pm this evening I am officialy a NON smoker wish me well on my journey and hopefully with your help I can lick the "Nasty" habbit!

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Woooo, welcome to freedomville!! :D Are you cold turkey or will you be using some form of NRT?


Good for you AA, it sounds like you've given this some thought already!

Is this your first attempt, are you going CT?


Hi Guys

Thanks for the replies, I am doing this "Cold Turkey" and this is my first real attempt in the past i allwasy said "I will stop tomorrow" and tomorrow never came LOL


Three hours in and I just had my first Major craving, hopefully i will be able to sleep through the worst :(


Hello AprilAddict, welcome and congratualations, by now you will have got past the first '3' the 3 hour point!

Do come and use the forum lots, without it I would not have found this quit so easy and believe me there have been many many previous failures! Come and question, rant, share, there is always someone that will help you or guide you back to the right journey.

Frozen grapes are great they are like a sorbet- just remember to get seedless ones!;)

I shall look forward to reading more from you. Trea x

Remember nicotine is not your friend; friends dont harm you


Hi Guys

Thanks so much for all the positive replies!!

I was dreading this morning, but to my surprise I woke up had a cup of cofee jumped in the shower and thren brushed my teeth ALL without having a smoke!!!

This is a huge thing for me cause by now I would have nipped off to the garage to by smokes!! BUT my OH is still smoking and I have walked past her pack a few times,

I am carving but not to the extrent that I will smoke yet I think I realise if I have one now that will be it, It has taken me 20 odd years to get to this place mentaly,

one smoke now and I will never try quit again im the kind of person.

so lets see how I am doing at 6:00 pm this evening (24hr mark)

chow for now and have a great day!


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