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Day 2!!!


After many unsuccessful attempts at giving up smoking over the years with various Nrt products I find myself on day 2 of no smoking cold turkey! Day 1 was awful, depressed, moody, tearful and not a pleasure to be around. Today i find myself apprehensive about how im going to cope with my withdrawal and mood swings, i so want to do this though. Not helping is the fact i chose to do this during the school holidays, am i mental??!!!

Am thinking this forum may become my crutch thru the next few weeks.

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Day 2 is great, and it really does get easier just hang on in there, it's well worth it. This forum is fantastic it's certainly been my crutch over the last 6 weeks

Hi ticwoo!

congratulations on your decision and for having completed your first day and there are only 12 hours of this day left (depending on what time you go to bed!)

This forum is great for support, I have found it so much easier this time round, any down/weak times, there is usually someone on line and always with really good constructive advice.

remember you are freeing yourself from an addiction not giving up a good friend! After all, what friend harms you?;)

Welcome to the forum Ticwoo. I hope today is going better for you. Just hang in there, it will get easier. Come on here and post as much as you need to. We will all be there for you.

Just think, day 2 will be done before you know it, then day 3 and so on. You CAN do this.

Stay strong and I look forward to hearing how you're getting on :)

Molly x

Thanks everyone! The morning has definitely gone better and dare i say easier than i thought it would. Here's to making it thru to day 3!

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