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Got to Day 2

Well have arrived at day 2!! - with the gratefully received help offered in Day 1 last night.

Have woken up this morning feeling a lot more positive than last night, although I didn't have to get up early, I was out of bed By 7:15am!!! (No idea why).

I’m off for a walk round the block before I go mad. I have no doubt I will be back here later, as I believe this forum will help keep me on the right track.

Heres hoping we all have a good day today.

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Sorry about that, I live in small town. Everything is closed by 10pm, although local supermarket closes at midnight during Holiday season. Guess that makes things easier for me really.

Had a good walk, really worried as I bought a flat mop on the way home so I can wash the walls?

The nice lady in the newsagents is now worried about me as she thinks I have really lost it.

Perhaps I have :confused:



Keep going just take one hour at a time.

Your doing great :D



For some reason I have become very angry about nothing.

It can be something someone is talking about on the Radio or TV, this is making me pace about a lot.

Dinner is nearly ready then I think I am going out for a walk again.

Started the day with a walk round the block going to end it the same way I think.

Hopefully this will go away soon.



Yolande810, Max414 and Smile Thankyou so much for your replies it makes things a bit easier for me knowing I have such good support.

Well Smile I have started my big clean in the kitchen so have not used the mop yet. Heading into the hall tomorrow, I am sure it will be out then. I have done so much washing in the last couple of days can't find enough clothes to fill the washer for now. Wondering whether to take covers off the Sofa.

Onto day 3 now I think, well after a bath to calm me down. :cool:

Thanks again



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