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Just joined, been floating around in here for a while now and picked up some useful tips, enough to help me make up my mind to quit anyway.

Went and saw my GPs stop smoking advisor on Thursday, not happy, all she could talk about was NRT in particular patches, every conversation came back to patches. Strangely I came away with patches?

Anyway I quit at 3pm yesterday (Sat) cold turkey, I have been OK - not great but defiantly OK, except for the last couple of hours when all I can think about is smoking and don't seem to be able to concentrate on anything for more than a couple of minutes.

[INDENT][/INDENT]Is this normal?

[INDENT][/INDENT]Does it go away anytime soon?

I live right by a late shop and am trying very hard not to pop over and get some tobacco (I roll my own).

Typing this in seemed to help a bit. Might do some more later.

Thanks for reading my waffle


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Chris well done on your decision to quit.

The first few days are the worst but just try to take it hour by hour, day by day etc.

Deep breaths and keep busy. I promise, it does get easier:D

Wishing you the very best of luck X


hello, a drunkan rambling post....but that does go to prove that things get good , not better butVERY GOOD, i have been out for a large amount of the liquid nectar and have not had one puff!! or have i wanted one so please believe the drunken ramblings of a drunk woman...YOU CAN SUCCEED!!!!

ps, love you all and i will post sober tomorrow,,,and very smug that i didnt have a puff tonight xxxx


PS Chris, well done, you have made the decision that will make your life so much better xx


Thanks a lot

Thanks for the replies they really helped.

The shop has now closed so can't get any tobacco - Think I'll have a cup of tea instead.

Guess I'm off to buy a big bag of carrots in the morning.


Hi Chris I stopped smoking nearly a year a go - cold turkey.


A big welcome to you Chris, what you have decided to do for yourself is the very best thing you can do. Never doubt your decision, hang in there through these first couple of weeks and things will get better very quickly for you.

You'll be so proud of yourself and you'll never look back.

Stay strong and all the very best to you :)

Molly x



Thanks for the welcome.

Will stick at it and hopefully progress through the days on this forum and see how far I can go.



This forum has been my saviour, never managed it this far before! Check in and post as often as you need to, you can beat it proudly!


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