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day 4 on Champix

am now on day 4 felt sick every day almost like morning sickness its good though as `Im loosing weight one of my fears was that I would gain weight.I have smoked 20-30 a day for 35 years.I am still smoking but no where near as much as normal `Im almost having to force myself to have a ciggarette haven`t chosen a give up day I thing it will just happen (or should I ? )Have experienced blurred vision and dizzy spells not feeling 100% anyone got any tips ??

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Sounds like one of my hangovers !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

I found that I picked a day but stopped smoking a couple of days before it. :)


I picked a day and stopped on day8 ,I've now been 16 days without a fag ,still get the odd craving but it does get easier ,I smoked for over 40years, about 30 a day ,if I can do it any one can,best of luck to you ,be strong:) I had some problems with champix and I my second pack I cut the tablets in half ,so only taking half dosage and the sickness side of things has gone ,my taste budds. Are all over the place ,but are now getting better since reducing,so it's worked so far for me



Hi all. I once tried champix but had to stop because of the weird side effects eg. Blurred vision, sickness, mood swings, disturbed sleep, and this was before stopping smoking. Be careful and consult your doc if you feel ill on them. I'm now on nicorette nasal spray and on day 3 of no smoking. Works for me. I wish you luck jonnoj


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