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Dry mouth

Hi on day 40 and am experiencing an extremely dry mouth, especially in the night. Anyone else had this? Otherwise doing great. Off to a dinner dance tonight, looking forward to having a few wheeze free dances with my hubby (we used to be competition ballroom dancers back in the day) just two old crocks trotting around a dance floor now though. It's turned a bit nippy here in Spain today, so I shall be pleased I don't have to stand outside feeding my habit tonight. A couple of days and I shall be 6 weeks quit. How its flown by seems like only yesterday I was posting on here for the first time.

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enjoy your wheeze free dance! Sorry have not had the dry mouth symptom but hope it eases soon for you

The weather here in South West today has been the warmest its been for ages , I'm sure it will improve in Spain soon ??

take care

Donna x


I've had that hon and have twigged that it's down to the fact that I would always have a drink with a smoke (hated smoking dry mouthed) so since I quit I'm not drinking as much! Now trying to make sure I get through at least 2 litres a day and have a glass of water by the bed, could be worth a try :)

Smoking always dried my mouth out, so I used to drink loads when I had a fag - it made my mouth feel horrible - have kept my water intake up though so haven't had a dry mouth. :)


jeannie one of the reason,s i gave up smoking was because of a dry mouth, soon as i lay down in bed i got it, have nt had a cig in 2 months and the dry mouth has gone, seems its the opposite for you so i dont know how or what is happening but i do hope it clears up ........ good luck :)


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