No Smoking Day
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I had one of THOSE dreams last night!

I'm fairly sure everyone will have experienced similar, those smoking dreams which seem completely real and you're even beating yourself up for being so stupid and then you wake up still beating yourself up but then realise you were dreaming - the relief is incredible!

I had one last night where I was wandering aimlessly around the new shopping centre in Leeds where I bought 20 Bensons, smoked two of them and then hid the rest in my handbag.

I used to have these about once a week but now it's about once every three weeks so they are happening less often. I know they're only dreams but I find them quite disturbing!

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I've only had a couple. One near the beginning of my quit and one just after I slipped up a few weeks ago.

I bet you feel on top of the world when you realise you haven't smoked though. I found it to be very quit affirming to be honest :)

Molly x


They disturb me until I realise it was only a dream, then I feel incredibly relieved which is quite affirming. I find that these dreams eat into my thoughts all the following day though. Last nights was particularly vivid.


More of a nightmare - have you seen the price of bensons :p


Horrible aren't they?

My last one someone left a fag burning for me and I stamped it out - and I felt soooo proud when I woke up :cool:


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