No Smoking Day
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Hell yeah, 9 days baby :)

Hey ex smokers!

So i am amazed and i never thought i would be here. I have tried patches, quick mist, inhaler and never made it past 7 days. I used champix and done 3 months but...

I done 9 days cold turkey!!! I am officially smoke and nicotine free!! :)

I did cheat a little bit because i had jaw surgery to spur this on, and i dont know any nutter who would smoke after oral surgey! so it made it so much easier as I didnt need will power at all!

so although my face is swollen, my skin looks beautiful and my hair is shinny, i can breathe easy and i can smell everything! (good and bad)

I plan to stay with this quit and i know it wont be this easy again!

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:)Hell yeah Max this is the last time i quit smoking! Its so hard and takes so much of your energy quitting, and its ridiculous to go to all that effort quiting to go a smoke something that does nothing for you!

woop heres to a healthier futrure to everyone on this site


Day 13 today... !! Still trying to keep the cravings at bay... Clever little things these cravings, keep sneaking up on me !!

Feels like the champix is having little effect today too, must be all in the mind!

Still positive though want to hit the two week anniversary tomorrow...

Thanks to all for your positive thoughts definitely helping me out!!!


ha ha I dont know about supermodel but defo sweeter smelling! :)

13 days is amazing marcel, I done 3 months on champix so they do defo work but they are not 100% miracle because like you said you do get some nagging thoughts about fags! but just remember when you have a moment of weakness 'i lived perfectly happilly for 13 days without smoking, today is no different' and then within two minutes the craving is over and your smoke free another day!

its weird because although were non smokers now and hopefully will be forever, i think we will always need to on guard for weak moments the rest of out lives.

Have a lovely smoke free weekend :D


Hey you are doing soooo ruddy well keep it up!

Seriously it gets easier and easier from here of course ups and downs but you are nicotine free now so no going back!'

So proud of you keep it up!!



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