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Bit of a struggle today

I belong to a ladies club and today we have all been out to lunch. The weather has been perfect, and the food fabulous. After such a delightful lunch and wine I struggled not to join my still smoking friends and light up. I didn't cave though and am now back home still a very happy non smoker. 38 days quit now no way am I going to give in now.

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A lady who lunches, and doesn't smoke! I really think you've turned the corner and this is 'the one' for you. Atta 'lady':)


Well done Jeannie xx


Now that I've quit there is only 1 left in my 'ladies who lunch' group of 6 who still smokes. I'm due to see them again in a couple of weeks and I think that they will be surprised that I have stayed quit. The last smoker is planning to give up later in the year so I'm chuffed that I'm not the last one standing or should I say choking !

Good for you Jeannie for staying quit today, you probably won't struggle at all at the next lunch date.

Stay proud and quit

Donna x


YAY :cool:

You faced a really tough time but you got right through it - well done!!


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