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Someone shout at me!

I'm in need of being shouted at, I've just had a big bust up with my girlfriend cos' she ruined my evening, by being a grouch. I asked her what was up and why she was in a mood and **** and she responded by being a total bitch, and blanked me and drove home...

I really need a smoke right now! Luckily, I do not have any and all the shops are closed around where i live at this time of night. So I have time to try and calm down or something, it's such a stressful one right now! :(

Ahhhh sorry for swearing

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NO NO NO NO ! You do not want a cigarette! You are upset and angry having a fag will not change a thing, so DONT do it! Honestly you will be gutted if you do.

Take yourself out for a walk or go to bed it will pass, hang on in there things will look better in the morning :eek:


Aye, I've come to the conclusion that my 'Girlfriend' doesnt want to be with me, or so she's making out. I guess smoking wont help anyone with anything so I'll work it out.

So I'll see if she is going to talk to me anytime in the next week, if not i'll end it because I've got bigger things in my life right now, like quitting smoking. I'd rather my health than battle through a dodgy relationship when i can cut it off at the source, and go out and have fun.

This has turned into a rant about my girlfriend now lol! Sorry... im also not one for making much sense so apologies xx


thanks for the replies! it's kept my head sane. I told my girlfriend how it is and how i feel, so if she replies and whatnot and wants to carry on and accepts my apology then she can, if not she's not worth the effort, and certainly not worth smoking for!

Why cant life be easy. lol :(

I really appreciate the kindness you show btw! thanks again.


My girlfriend of nearly five years broke up with me in my 9th or 10th month of my quit. It was INCREDIBLY hard to carry on without smoking - if ever I felt I "deserved" to smoke, it was then.

But I hung in there, and made it through the crisis. Now, three or four months later, I'm still without a girlfriend, and I'M STILL NOT SMOKING! And I'm the best smelling single guy for miles around. :)

I did it - you can do it.


No matter what happens dave ,do it without smoking. u know that smoking wont change anything. These kind of situations are really hard to do and I hope you find the courage to get through it,

Good luck mate,

Mash x


everything seemed to suck itself into a black hole of doom last night! nothing went right. today has gone a lot differently! I havent smoked, and everything is seemingly sorted with my gf again! Very random. This is actually the first time i've craved today, I think! lol

But yeah, thanks for the advice. Just reading some sane, awesome replies keeps my head in the game.


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