One week!

One week down :) It has been a very successful week for me. Have not had one cigarette. Every once in a while I think about having one but I know that I do not need it and it would not benefit me whatsoever. So I am pretty happy about my newly found strength. I want to thank all of my supporters on here and I am excited to see what happens along the next few weeks.

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  • Well done Snickers, it's so great to know that you are coping well :)

    Don't forget to reward yourself and stay strong!!

    It inspires us all, no matter how long we are into our own quits, to see your positive energy!! :D

  • That's great snickers :) Keep going you're doing really well.

    Denise x

  • Congrats, very nice!!

  • Snickers

    1 week is amazing, and IMO the most difficult. So well done:)

    Fi x

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