No Smoking Day
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20 weeks today!

I'm now 20 weeks smoke free and in that time I have not smoked about 3500 cigarettes and have not spent £1260 on them. This money has paid for the next part of hubby's Open University degree :)

Since I started smoking in 1986 I have never managed this long without, my previous best was about 12 weeks.

Yesterday's craving has gone and the sun is out. Hooray!

Have a great day everyone!

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Thanks all!

I used to bury my head in the sand over the cost, seeing it in black and white makes it very scary and having that money available to pay for something worthwhile makes it very real!

I can't wait for someone to say 'but I could never imagine you smoking' ;)



Well done my love, sounding pretty positive. I think this is just maybe 'the one' for you:)

I've been quit almost 7 months now and just noticed in the newsagents that my brand of cigs is now £8.30 - jeez, that's nearly £10!!!!!

Fi x


Ooh excellent Venus!!

20 whole weeks, that's fab, and what a lovely use of the money!!

I bet you're dead proud of yourself xx


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