In ya face fagfart

Well I have just entered month 4 and it's great. Since the 1st of January I have not hidden out of the way to have a stick; I have not schemed ahead in order to be alone to have a stick, and I do not smell like a fagfart. I feel better mentally and about myself, and much much better physically. My wallet is always full and my £1 moneybox from pound-stretcher is gradually getting heavier with the £1 I put in per day to remind myself I have stopped and that I really enjoy it. Well done to all for being on this site and quitting. :D:D:D::)

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  • Cheers lostie. Just been for an hours powerwalk (knackered knees just wont let my jog) and thought my breathing is much easier - so am I a "born again breather?" :cool:

  • well done Dicko, fantastic to get a full 3 months under your belt and glad you are feeling well. No going back now .... will be joining you soon in month 4

    Enjoy the rest of the Easter Break

    Donna x

  • Well done. It makes such a difference to break through that three month milestone. No going back now! :D


    Congratulations Dicko!!

  • Thanks all - much appreciated :) (It's a group effort) To celebrate I am going to take the grand-kids to feed the ducks. The pub for a drink is much less attractive to me now, in fact I think I used it in the past just so I could smoke :(

    Cheers - no, I mean quack-quack! :p

  • Well done Dicko, 3 months fag free is a massive achievement!! Give yourself a huge pat on the back and have a great time with the grandkids and the ducks :D

  • Welcome to month 4 Dicko, really pleased for you! Have to say, putting a quid a day in a pot is a great idea! Congrats on three months! :)

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