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No Smoking Day
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Is this normal???


I last had a cig at 8am on thursday morning but im counting my days from friday since it was a complete day.

I woke up in the night quite breathless so used my asthma inhaler.

Since i have been up this morning and walking about i am aware i am still quite breathless, i have a very stuffed up nose, headache and cough.

Im presuming this is all to do with the gunk and chemicals coming out of my body.

Is this the normal sort of thing to expect in the first few weeks? :confused:

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My chest has been very tight and I too have had to use my inhaler, so yes it's quite normal. We have been polluting our lungs for years so we now need to heal. Good luck with your quit, you will soon feel the benefit.


Yes it is normal, People experience all sorts of symptoms in the first few weeks whilst your body is adjusting,however keep your eye on it and should you have any real concerns visit your GP Just to put your mind at rest. Keep it up!


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