No Smoking Day
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Absolute Bliss!

Had a lovely wee day in town and treated myself a bit!

Bought my son two new pairs of shoes in clarks for £50, my mother in law couldn't believe it because he's only 13months and will grow out of them pretty quickly but they're good for his feet and will help him learn to walk plus when I thought I used to throw that and more on ciggies a week without a second thought, it gave me a bit of a wake up call! I used to spend that easily on cancer sticks which will cut short my life! I'd rather treat my son and have something worthwhile to show for my money!

Anyways, that's my lesson for today! Just after a lovely bath and having my first glass of rosé since becoming an ex smoker waiting on our Indian delivery!

As Ronald McDonald would say I'm loving it lol!!!

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Glad ur day went blessed hun. Very proud of ur hard work and look at us still here. Each day is getting better. Since I stopped smoking I have noticed a few spots lol. Someone said it's the toxin coming out of my body. Have u experienced this? I have started to drink much more water xo


Not a bother to us my dear!!

Yeah Natz I noticed the same during the week, I don't get that Manu spots but I had some big bruisers this week! More water sounds good, I started taking evening primrose oil as that supposed to be very good for your skin!



Going to get some on Monday, thanks hun x


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