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First week finished - time for treat!

I made it through the week without a smoke! Yippee! To be honest, the week has dragged, but that's probably a combination of clock watching (taking it an hour at a time) and actually having more time. :rolleyes:

It's getting easier, although I fear today that due to my acomplishment, my joy trigger, my pride trigger, my happy trigger and my party trigger may all pay me a visit at the same time! ;) Better get prepared for the appearance of Nasty Nic - let the battle commence!

Overall, I think the Champix is working, but it's hard to say without coming off them, and I don't want to do that.

I think a treat for me is in order this weekend. Roll on week 2! :D

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Thanks for the praise, Kat73! It's really appreciated and a great boost for week 2 :D

I'm doing a blog of my journey, as a reminder to myself of my experience. It may help me in the future if I'm feeling pretty tempted to smoke, to look back and know how tough it was to quit.

Ged's 'Swap Fag for Swag' blog ;)


Thanks Max414! I mainly did it because I'm taking Champix. Reading some of the horror stories made me think that if I blog about my journey, and how I'm feeling, then family/friends may be able to spot any danger signs.

Plus, the more people who know, the bigger humble pie I'd have to make if I turn to the cigs again, lol! My main driver is my 5 year old boy - he knows and is "super proud"of his mum for giving up. I can't imagine the disappointment on his face if I start again.

Should I post the link on the forum to see if it will encourage others to blog? If so, I wouldn't know where the best place is to put it ...


Great idea Kat73! Thanks for spotting the typo as well - signature amended ;-)


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