No Smoking Day
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One of those days :o

Well I'm glad today's almost over!!

The working bit that is - have had a thoroughly trying day, it's wet and cold, I'm feeling grumpy so various things have conspired to make me crave quite badly :eek:

But I have got through it thanks to my "dummy" and am wondering if I would if I'd not bought it?

Am going to make sure it's charged up again 'cos I'm off out tonight and don't want to have a slip up :eek:

Just letting off steam really!!

Hope you all have a great, smoke free, weekend :D x

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Have a great night out sweetpea, and don't you even THINK of succumbing or I will come storming up the county to sort you out! In fact, if the evil little blighter tries working his evil wiles on you, picture me coming to kick hell out of him for you :D:D

Have fun Gem, catch you over the weekend xxx

Ooh I'll be safe, if i can't resist then I'll use my dummy :p

I think with the pair of us beating the hell out of him Nic oTine's got no chance :D

Thanks Kat, see you later xxx


Well done getting through today! Enjoy a smokefree night! :)


Have a brilliant night, you'll be fine, I know you will :D

Let me know how it goes, I can't remember what a night out feels like, it was that long ago :)

Molly x


Chill out m'luverley, you're doing fab. Have a great weekend! :)


Thanks everyone!!

Had a fab time last night, Nic left me alone until about half eleven then he started tapping on my shoulder pretty hard :eek: but I got my dummy out and smacked him with it :D

I hope Sarah Lou managed a smoke free night out too!!


Attagirl! Glad you had fun, knew you'd sort him out if he came whispering in your ear! No idea about Sarah Lou, she showed up late on but I never got a reply, fingers crossed she was ok!:D

Thanks Kat :)

Hope she managed OK too *crosses fingers*

Will be off out this afternoon (with smokers) and Nic can do one 'cos I'm not having a fag!!

(Not a real one anyway :p )

It's quite a change for me 'cos I used to smoke nearly half a pack on a Saturday afternoon, now that was flipping stupid :eek:


It's pretty embarrassing when you actually look at how strong the nicodemon's hold over us was (and in some ways still is, when we have a vulnerable moment!):o I think it'll be a long campaign to finally rid ourselves of the brainwashing, it's so ingrained over such a long period of time that it'll take many hard fought battles to finally eradicate it :( On the plus side though, we CAN do it, there's just no easy fixes so we'll just have to suck it up and push on through.

Have a fab afternoon with your mates hon - the weekend is finally here, YAYYYYY!!!!!:D

It is embarrassing, and taking the time I was a social smoker it's been there for over half my lifetime, so it's going to take some un-learning :eek: *but* I will, and am determined not to have another fag now!!

Hope you have a nice time tonight!!


Living the dream you ladies :D

Two lovely lasses taking on Nicdemon and kicking his foul arse all over Cornwall :D Talking the talk AND walking the walk.

All you say is right Kat.This is a big,bitter,bastard,bruising battle, opposing smoking.It never ends.It will always hang over us,being ex smokers.Our defences will always have to be up.It aint easy!

BUT BUT BUT you have done the hard bit now girls,that's a pretty amazing achievement :cool :

Mucho respect and love to both of you ladies,raining punches and kicks on the little yellow shite,at the front of this battle on this website,with dozens of like minded people following the trail that you are blazing.: )

Thanks Max :)

Have gone too far now to go back, this is the second longest time I've not smoked since I got hooked so I'm proud of that :D


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