No Smoking Day
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Day 2 =:x

Made it to day 2.

Had cravings first thing this morning. Ive put a patch on just now so waiting for the NRT to kick in.

I overslept and didnt have alot of time to get ready this morning. 10 mins late for work but atleast I didnt have to worry about going to the shop or making sure I had enough fags to last the day! so that saved time :D

Better do some work now :p

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Well done for reaching Day 2 :)

I'm sure the patch will kick in in no time, and it does help to calm you down if you've had a bit of a stressful get up. Just knowing that I had an aid is enough to keep me sane throughout the day.

I get so wound up when I'm up late for work and it would usually be one of my triggers for a smoke. But, luckily, I've had pretty relaxed mornings since I quit. I've got so used to not smoking at work now that I think I'd manage okay if things didn't quite go to plan :o

Hope you have a great day! x


It's great you're getting back on with your quit MB - am sure your patch will kick in and help you through the day :D

Good luck xx


bunneh has fleas *scratch scratch*

thanks everyone.

I got the ITCHES now. ohh why do patches have to be soooooo itchy

I know it will only last half hour and then it will be ok for the rest of the day.


Going to treat myself now to a bottle of cola from the canteen :D extra money means treats yay


Well done ... dig deep and you will be moving on to day 3 ! Keep going day 1 is now behind you



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