No Smoking Day
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A few tips never to be filtered

Find something to do that you wouldn't smoke during (Obviously can't do it all the time lol)

I found a hobby, cake making. I am a low carber so didn't really affect me much until I made a flavour I couldn't resist.

Get out in the fresh air, fill your lungs with the good stuff. My dog has not had so many walks. He was lucky to be taken round the block and now we get everywhere!

Tidy up bedrooms, unless you smoked upstairs it should pass the time away. Plus chance to get windows open and refresh the house.

Try to find your way of dealing without the cigs. Some switch the addiction for e-cigs, patches and gum which are still better than smoking. I chose cold turkey and listened to Allen Carr's self help audio book. It made perfect sense. I chose my date, smoked myself silly and enjoyed every one until I quit.

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I like the way you think. :D Try a bit of power walking next - it works wonders. Just walk like the clappers for 30 mins; turn around and get back to the same place for the same time - or less. :) Start with 15mins for a couple of weeks then increase by 5 min per week till you peak at 30 mins. 3 or 4 sessions per week. End result = leaner, fitter, standing taller, more lung capacity, excellent complexion and happier.


Thanks for this Sozi :)

All tips are gratefully accepted!

Exercise has definately been of use to me. I've always enjoyed walking and I'm lucky enough to live in a very pretty area, so a walk is great for those boredom cravings.


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