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Day 7 already?!


Well it`s day 7!! I can`t believe that week has gone so quickly. It`s not been too bad really, most of the time anyway although sometimes I feel like I`ve had a berevement! I suddenly get that feeling of loss. Seems odd having those feelings for something that was potentially going to kill me! So I try to turn it around and think of that 'loss' as a new beginning, a new start and a second chance (well third actually!). Good luck to everyone else about to start week 2 - we made it this far so another week will be easy!! xx

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:)A week is great, if you can do 1 week you can 2 or 3 or 4 and so on! Keep it going

Well done! I was just saying on another post I felt like an old friend had died. I think I will change that thought to a murderer got the chair. No coming back from that and a good riddance attitude instead

Yes Soz, I like that. Good way to think of it. It`s funny how most of the time you can feel fine and then BAM, it hits you out of nowhere.

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