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Day 61!! Officially qualified for Month 3

I cant believe its been 2 months since I lit up my last fag. I have tried quitting before, but never went this far. The cravings havent completely died down yet. Specially since last few days I have been hanging out with a smoker ( I consciously avoided smoke and smokers initially). But the good thing is that I am yet to break. :D I hope I dont fall off again.

I came across this forum a few days back. The success stories have been very helpful....knowing that there are so many out there who have actually made it.

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Yes that is true...earlier when I tried quitting, if I am put in a situation where I am habituated to smoking, like drinking or hanging out with some old friends, I would cave. But this time, I have already handled quite a few of such situations, and its definitely looking good :D. I have fought back a few pretty severe urges!

Otherwise when I am alone or working, I think I have reached the stage where I am totally indifferent to smoking. Just like you put it...a bad dream fading away. Thanks mate.


2 months is awesome you definitely do not want to lose that quit! Keep it going you are doing great, as you said this is the best you have ever done!:)


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