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Day 7


yesterday was a toughy, but thats because i super challenged my self to no NRT

Ive put the patch back on today and you can really tell the difference.

As my end of the week treat, Im going to London tomorrow to the natural history museum, then a restaurant with my new taste buds and then off to see the Lion King in theatre!

Im sooo excited!!!! I just hope I dont have a panic attack on the train lol!

It would be the first time I leave my village since 2008 as I have a panic disorder! And Im not good at leaving home so this is a gigantic step for the bunneh!

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thank you Jedi Masters! Ill try and add a little album on wednesday. And I will be going with my BF and he doesnt smoke and doesnt know that i did either so I dont need to worry about temptation of smoking whilst panicking hehe

I wont have a choice, if im scared ill have to keep going. I wont be able to jump off the train and come home and also tickets were expensive so I wont miss it ;)