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Day 6 What is normal?

So far feeling rubbish although I slept better. Feel sick, dizzy and have a painful ulcer that's preventing me eating. Haven't used the spray for 24 hrs because of it. Was kind of hoping I'd have got through the worst of it by now but in comparison the earlier days seem easier.

Am dreading going back to work next week too. I love my job but my colleagues never even knew I smoked.......well they probably did, the stink and yellow fingers might have given it away. I was never open about it anyway cos I was ashamed of it, even when I went out socially with my workmates I'd leave my habit at home.

Ah well I'll grit my teeth and get through it.

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You sound determined, Pisky, well done. Day 6 is already a good achievement, and although things are still tough for you at the moment, they will get easier. You're doing well, Keep it up.


I'm amazed it lets "fag" through :p

Have had a lot of mouth ulcers since i quit too - but think that's down to the NRT? The leaflet says not but I'm not so sure!!

All the quit symptoms get better though!!


Pisky you ask what is normal?

I have to say most of us do not know what normal is while we are a smokers. After all smoking is not normal to the body.

OK so you have some symptoms and you quite rightly don't like them. Some people are lucky and have none or very few and others can have quite a lot. After years for many people, all of a sudden your body has to start re-adjusting to not having smoke forced into it. You body has tried to learn how to adjust to the toxins we subject it to and all of a sudden they are gone. You will find over time the symptoms will start to dissapear as the body once again starts to cope with being smoke free, which is the NORMAL.

The more normal you get the better you will feel, it's only a matter of time. 6 days may seem a long time to you and you should quite rightly be very pleased with yourself but compare that to how long you have been smoking. Your body will adjust back to normal. Just give it time. I can assure you that once you have beaten this demon theres a whole new life waiting for you.

Stay strong and reap the benifits



Chuckling to myself

So glad I posted. I am trying hard not to have hysterics here at my sons gym class, the asterisks have really made me laugh.

I think partly I felt ashamed with my smoking at work because I work with children. We have to be seen to be promoting healthy lifestyles and I felt I wasn't practising what I preached. Besides I think most smokers have at some point felt like a social leper, it just felt easier for me to not smoke during working hours and not smoke around non smokers. I may have worded it badly, I don't feel ashamed of myself as such just uncomfortable about being a smoker

amongst my entirely non smoking colleagues.

Anyhow, back from gymnastics now. It did me the world of good to get out from my 4 walls and chat with other parents there. Hairdresser is coming soon so I will feel even better for some pampering too.

The ulcer is responding to antiseptic mouthwash. Should be gone by tomorrow but might have to change plans and not have a curry tonight.

Thanks all so much for words of encouragement and lightening my mood x


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